Jones Act

As you probably know, the Jones Act is very complicated. If you have been injured working on a commercial barge, tugboat or fishing vessel working on the Mississippi River, Ohio River and other waterways in Missouri and Illinois the Jones Act passed in 1920 covers injured seaman not covered by Maritime Law. It allows injured seaman to file a claim directly against their employer for all damages suffered as a result of a work related injury.

Many of these work relate injuries are catastrophic, sometimes even fatal. Heavy lifting on slippery unstable surfaces can cause sever back injuries, crush injuries and traumatic amputations occur from lines stretch across wet surfaces. Drownings and serious burn injuries and deaths occur on barges and other river vessels. Broken bones, herniations head injuries and lacerations are common injuries that occur aboard commercial ships, boats and barges. A seaman is entitled to recover money damages if he/she is injured during the course of employment. If the seaman is killed his family is entitled to recover damages. In both cases, the plaintiff is entitled to a jury trial.The Jones Act does allow causes of action for seamen injured while they are transporting certain resources or by a vessel constructed primarily to carry oil in bulk.

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