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Missouri Worker’s Comp

Were you injured at the workplace? If so, you may be entitled compensation through Missouri Workers Compensation Laws. Additionally, you are probably wondering about your medical prognosis as well as your employer’s workers compensation coverage. Will your employer’s coverage be adequate to replace your lost wages, treat your medical condition and pay for your prescriptions and for how long.

At Walkenhorst Law we are committed to Missouri’s injured workers and their families.

You may have discussed the injury with your supervisor or employer and have been contacted by their workers comp insurance carrier. Keep in mind, however, your employer and the insurance company do not always have your best interests in mind when it comes to your injuries.

While you are worried about medical bills, lost wages, and the future, your employer and the insurance company are concerned about minimizing your claim. It is always best to contact us, Walkenhorst Law, an experienced Missouri Worker’s Compensation law firm before you discuss your claim with anyone else.

Walkenhorst Law has been successfully winning settlements for Missouri’s injured workers for close to 20 years. If you were injured on the job call (314) 241-0055, for a no cost consultation. We will review the details of your injury and provide an assessment of your Worker’s Compensation Claim.

At Walkenhorst Law, we have handled work related claims and injuries including but not limited to the following categories:

  • Construction Injuries, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Railroad Accidents/FELA, Scaffolding Accidents, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Toxic Exposure, Unsafe Equipment, Workers Compensation, Workman’s Compensation, Plant Explosions, Toxic Exposure, Unsafe Equipment
  • Construction Accidents, Crane Accidents, Discrimination, Electrocutions, Failure to Provide Security, Heavy Machinery, Accidents, Inadequate Security, Industrial Accidents, Industrial Explosions, Industrial Injuries, Jones Act, Machine Accidents, On The Job Injuries, Workers Compensation, Workman’s Compensation

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